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FREE SHIPPING on all Canadian and US orders over $125!!!!
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I have some very positive feedback to share on your products! 🐾
About 3 weeks ago, my Cookie (husky mix) had a pretty deep wound above her right eye. I knew it was only the skin around here eye, as she wasn’t squinting or struggling to see out of the eye. The regimen for healing was pretty straight forward - but so very successful thanks to this stuff! 
As soon as the injury happened, I cleaned it up and sprayed it topically with the structured silver spray.. and then again that night. The next day I picked up the gel and started applying that topically to work on the skin and applying it twice daily. I also fed her the liquid in her meals to work from the inside as a natural antibiotic. 
It has not quite been 3 weeks, and her eye is nearly all healed up, just the hair is needing to grow back in. I could not believe how fast it started to heal! The day of, but before I picked up the gel, I had noticed there was a slight bit of funky coloured discharge coming from the area.. but after 3 applications of the gel, it cleared up and was regular coloured scabbing happening again. Then it has only been up from there!
I’ve attached before and after pictures for you to see as well. The first picture is Feb 1st, and the second one is Feb 18th (a little over two weeks apart).
Thank you SO very much for this amazing product!