What is Structured Silver?

Silver4Wellness Structured Silver for Pets


  • Formulated with Structured Water
  • Powerful 30ppm concentration
  • Charged to 910 Terahertz Frequency
  • pH Balanced 7.4 Alkaline
  • 99.99% Pure Silver
  • Smallest Particle Size

Will Silver Fall Out of Solution?

Historically, one of the concerns with silver products was the fact that the silver molecules could fall out of suspension and settle to the bottom of the bottle. This is concerning as if the silver molecules fall out of suspension in the bottle, they could also fall out of suspension in the body.

The solution to this problem has been solved by bonding silver molecules to structured water at a specific energetic frequency that will not separate or settle to the bottom of the bottle. Silver4Wellness Structured Silver for Pets will not metabolize or build up in the body.


What is Structured Water?

Water is what we depend on for every bodily function and ultimately for survival. Researchers are finding that structured water is better absorbed by our cells than purified or distilled waters. Structured water also creates an aerobic positive environment through free stable oxygen which promotes healthy bacteria and negates bad bacteria.

Structured Water is water that has been purified vibrationally in order to neutralize toxins. Water in nature is also naturally structured. Some potential benefits of this type of water are better metabolism, DNA strengthening, more energy, & a better ability to hydrate the cells.


Why choose a pH balanced silver? 

Silver4Wellness Structured Silver for Pets is the first silver that is actually pH balanced to an Alkalinity level of 7.4 or higher.

The body functions best in an alkaline state, and many studies show that bad bacteria and yeast cannot flourish when the body is alkaline, as compared to being in an acidic state.