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FREE SHIPPING on all Canadian and US orders over $125!!!!
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Structured Silver for Pets

Structured Silver for Pets

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<15lbs = 2 ml
75lbs = 10 ml
150lbs = 20 ml

Purified Structured Silver, Purified Structured water, pH buffer system™. Contains no artificial flavors, ingredients, preservatives or additives. Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free.

  • Formulated with Structured Water
  • Powerful 30ppm concentration
  • Charged to 910 Terahertz Frequency
  • pH Balanced 7.4 Alkaline
  • 99.99% Pure Silver
  • Smallest Particle Size

Whether your pets live indoors or outdoors they will be healthier, cleaner and happier when you take advantage of all of the amazing benefits of our structured Silver. Our Silver provides healing benefits for the smallest animal such as birds, cats, dogs all the way to larger mammals such as horses.


- Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial

- Hot Spots
- Arthritis 
- Wound Healing
- Immune Booster
- Digestive Health
- Urinary Health
- Oral Health
- Ear Health
- Eye Health
- Fights Yeast

* Not intended to replace Veterinary advice or treatment.